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Carrier Transicold is the world leader in transport refrigeration systems.
Carrier Transicold is a part of Carrier Corporation, the most widely-implanted air-conditioning manufacturer in the world, with a presence in 172 countries. Carrier Corporation is a part of United Technologies Corporation (UTC).

Euroscan, from its company foundation in the early Nineties, has rapidly gained a leading position in Europe for the supply of top quality Temperature Recorders for the Temperature controlled transport Industry. Since 1994 Euroscan have sold many thousands of Recorders to both large and small customers alike, gaining their respect for  quality of product and  after sales service and support.

The following recommendations should be observed when using refrigeration units.

When loading:
• Do not obstruct the evaporator (supply air discharge and return air intake) with the loaded goods.
• Make sure that air circulation is not impeded (for example, when loading film-covered pallets, make sure that the air can flow back unobstructed under the pallets). Use of an air chute in longer semi-trailers is recommended.

When transporting fresh products:
• It is advised to equip the unit with a supply air temperature sensor, if supported by the unit's control system, in order to avoid top freezing of the goods during transport.
• Defrost manually 30 minutes after loading.

When transporting frozen products:
• When operating in high ambient temperatures, do not use the thermostat-controlled automatic shutdown system.
• If the humidity is high, initiate a manual defrost 30 minutes after loading.
• Do not use the unit's supply air temperature sensor, if one is installed.
• Shut down the unit when you open the doors to avoid excessive frosting of the evaporator.

When transporting ice cream:
• In high outside temperatures, never use the unit's automatic stop-start system if one is installed.
• Use protective curtains if the doors are to be opened frequently.
• Shut down the unit when you open the doors.
• With small-bodied vehicles (< 22m3), choose an electric system in preference to a direct drive mechanism.

For urban deliveries:
• Use protective curtains.
• Shut down the unit when you open the doors.
• Before loading, pre-refrigerate the vehicle body to a temperature at least as low as that of the goods to be transported.

For long journeys:
• Check oil and coolant levels daily.
• Check that the unit is operating correctly.
• In the event of a problem arising, contact the nearest service center, or call our 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week service as soon as possible.