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Euroscan Telemetry

Euroscan Products for the Temperature Controlled Transport Industry


X2 Temperature recorders

The Euroscan X2 is the basis for high quality system solutions. The new temperature recorder, either truck or trailer version, is the basis for Euroscanís modular system.
This new generation temperature recorder offers unique features for the perfect control and monitoring of critical temperature parameters.

The Euroscan X2 can be universally used for all transported goods:

  • Food
  • Electronic Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Flowers
  • Transport of Live Animals

The advantages

  • User-friendly due to large display and big keys
  • Maintenance free printer which is easy to handle
  • Can be used with cooling systems and on vehicles from all manufacturers
  • Modular system structure combined with an open concept
  • Single and multiple compartment monitoring, with full alarm options
  • Recording of all individual event -parameters like doors, defrost, fridge on/off etc.

MX 1 Ė
Reefer Monitoring is just the beginning!

The Euroscan MX1 is the communications module for the refrigerated transportation industry and is the base for a reliable, cost effective communication and monitoring system. This next generation multi-purpose recorder offers unique features for the perfect control and monitoring of critical system parameters while being flexible enough to integrate with external information and communication systems.

The Euroscan MX1 is capable of integrating with:

  • Reefer Systems
  • Cab based asset management solutions
  • Euroscanís industry leading TX2 temperature monitoring systems
  • Data Cold Recorders
  • TK Transcan Recorders
  • Procuro PIMM
  • and many more third party solutions Ö

The Euroscan MX1 is capable of communicating via:

  • Bluetooth
  • Satellite
  • GPS
  • GPRS
  • CAN
  • RS 232

The advantage is yours with the help of Euroscanís open access concept and modular system structure that lets you customize this system solution to your unique needs.